Welcome to Horion Nepal

Interactive Displays for Education

Designed for the Next Generation of Education

There’s a special satisfaction that comes from seeing a student’s face light up when they connect with their coursework—the moment it all makes sense. Horion develops innovative digital tools that maximize creative collaboration in the classroom.

What sets Horion interactive displays apart?

Horion interactive displays feature multi-touch capabilities and Ultra HD resolution on par with the most advanced displays on the market. They’re also backed by impressive warranties and an unparalleled level of support.

Energy Efficient

With no bulbs, Horion panels have a lower consumption rate and longer service life than most similar systems.

Multi-Touch Technology

Our panels support 20 points of simultaneous touch on all applications and 10 points of writing on all applications.

Customization & Accessories

With PC modules, mobile stands, and other accessories, we can make your panel work for you and your space.

Better Warranties & Support

Between complimentary multi-year warranties, phone support, online chat, tutorials, and on-site visits, we’ve got you and your technology covered.

Exceptional Value

With longer lifespans and fewer maintenance costs than projectors, our panels make your investment a no brainer.

Integrated Software

We reduce the overall cost of ownership by offering bundled software that doesn’t require ongoing licensing fees.